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It's amazing! I've been renouncing demons and they go, I don't tell them to go, I just renounce them and they must flee because the Blood of Jesus is that powerful, even more powerful when you know who you are in Christ. I've been renouncing everything, I've just learned how powerful it is and I don't just say I renounce things but I say I renounce it in Jesus name. I've been renouncing infirmities on my skin and I've prayed over them in tongues, There dissapering! I had some wart like things and I prayed and renounced hem and there almost gone, there almost gone!!! It's amazing!!! I'm doing these things to myself and I will be very confident to pray for others, I know the power of the praying in tongues and of the Blood. Taking communion is very powerful also, I take it for my family it's wonderful. Oh how good it is to be saved, we don't get sick, some people do and I'm not judging you, I don't know why, but I rebuke colds and they go instantly. I have had them but I don't get them like others sinse I was saved, I've hardly been sick since I was saved.

I've even rebuked when I had the smell of a bad tooth and I was healed, I haven't needed a dentist for over 10 years. I rebuked a tooth I believed to be rotting it smelled like it was and I may have had pain also, I told it to go the demon behind it and the smell went strait away.

I want to pray for my eye teeth that where taken out, I want to be healed, I will do that tonight (-: WOW healing for every part of us, isn't that so wonderful? Aren't we utterly blessed xoxo. I love you all. That and the Lord are the best, love for each other and to be unconditionally loved by God, that's all we need.

I had pain in my hips for a year or more, I hurt when I walked, I new it was from the enemy so I didn't receive it, I wasn't praying in tongues them and I couldn't even talk about the Blood of Jesus, I just didn't receive the problems the enemy was trying to put on me, I kept walking and saying to myself I don't receive it, it left, I don't get pain in my hips any more and haven't done since it left, that's what Jesus has done for us.

I didn't really know all Jesus had done for me or I couldn't remember, but I just new I wasn't to receive things and they left, I wasn't thinking clearly and couldn't remember the word of God but I just kept doing what the Holy Spirit would eluminate to me, and I would get free.

Oh if we just listen to the Holy Spirit, He tells me things and I don't think I have that knowledge but I know it's God and I know it works. Like I just know in my heart if I ignore things that are not from God and renounce them in Jesus name they will go, I know this by revelation and demons have left. My friend told me to renounce demons, Lord and He gives me revelation and I know it works, I'm pretty sure I've done that, sometimes the Holy Spirit gives me revelation of something and I just know I'm not sure what I'm saying I'll have to wait until I remember clearly then I'll tell you if I'm not mistaken.

I'll finish there, I may add to this as the infirmities dissapear, love you all, Sharon xoxo

This is all my righteousness, nothing but the blood of Jesus.
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