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Hi I ran through your site today because I am tired of looking for answers and finding none or being told to ignore this pressure I get in my head very often. I just got divorced from this guy who seemed to be on fire for Jesus when we met and transformed into this abusive rebellious person as soon as I said "I do". It seems like during the short 9 months that we were married, he "trained" me to get angry all the time. The more into the Word I got, the more he hated me. God transformed me as I was very obedient because I wanted to find out how to get rid of this pressure. Now that he's been gone for months and we finally got divorced, I am asking God for understanding why I still feel that pressure often and if this is a spiritual gift. It seems as Francis has the same so please help me at least to know that this can happen to any other human being because in my church and all the believers that I know, everyone just keeps telling me to rebuke it and use the power of the blood, which works sometimes...
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