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Hubby and I serve in a spiritually destitute area--both with women and teens. Since I took on a new ministry with the women, it seems like all hell has broken loose against my family and me. Our grandchildren are suffering what is likely dengue fever; our electricity is in crisis and it could cost up to $10,000 to fix it (that we don't have); and we're driving now without a spare on rural roads. The problems have avalanched over the past two weeks. We're discouraged and would appreciate prayer for miracles.

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Gayle, As the needs of your family rise, and the answers seemed unreachable...draw closer to Him, our Father. He will have the glory...for His purpose is clear. He wants us to be in close...closer...the closest relationship we can be in with Him. I pray that you feel that over whelming peace that comes from His indwelling in you...for that is the place that we rest in Him. All of the struggle is producing a strength, fulfilling the promises in His time gives us the endurance needed to obtain them. Claim the power of God to keep going...to persevere. The spiritual muscle is growing stronger...hold on to what God says, stand on His promises, possessing the quality of Faith. Gayle, may the oppressiveness of this time you are in be lifted, may you experience the blessings of relief and answered prayer today, tomorrow...and in all the days to come. This too shall pass...His promises are meant for you today! Hold the word as a seed, keep it close...and claim His promise that to you it has been granted to know...let His word be a seed in good soil, hold it fast and bear fruit in perseverance. By your perseverance you will win your soul. Your life is still being blessed...as you walk in faith through the struggle. Fight for your soul through this struggle...by seeing Him working today in you, in your family. Keep pressing forward...perseverance is normal to a Christian heart. Believe what God's word says. Decide! Take a stand! God lives in each one of us that choose to believe...fight with Him in charge of your life. God bless you, Gayle!
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