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I made mistakes, i was haumn, it was so horrible so hard. It was so horrible to my kids

I was affected, it hurt me very much, it scared me, but Jesus healed me.

It was very bad and affected me very much.

It was to hard, I needed Jesus, oh how terrible how hard, i couldn’t handle it, it affected me

It scared me,it broke my heart. It was to much for me, i was human, God didn’t make me to

handle that stuff, God forgave me, the Blood of Jesus was more than enough for my sin.

It affected me God new all i went through and felt my pain, He new it was to much for me

He understood, He understood everything, He understood my fears my pain my thinking

My reasoning, it broke my heart in to many peices, i was devastated grief loss pain shock

Horror it was horrorfying, it was shocking, to much to cope with, i shut down

I couldn’t cope with it, it was to much, to much for my mind, to much pain, i wasn’t made for that. I was broken devastated, my life was over in the natural Jesus bound up my broken heart that was wonderful and He gave me a reason to live, He loved me and i was happy

Because of Jesus, He was my sanity, i loved Him, it was so good to be in the arms of Jesus

He wanted me oh there r no words,


Jesus love healed me, it kept me alive, it gave me a reason to live.

Oh i went through to much, it was to much, only Jesus could help me.

This is all my righteousness, nothing but the blood of Jesus.
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