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Dear Intercessors, Please continue to help me in prayer, I’m engaged in a warfare to breakthrough the strongholds of devil spirits who are fighting against me and my family. We are attacked by Fault-finder spirits and we are physically attacked by evil spirits. sent by false prophets praying against us. Please keep us under the Blood of Jesus because the battle is very hard. I thank you very much. Love in Jesus Pastor Aldo

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I will pray for your situation.

Have you considered enrolling in Pastor Francis online training course called In Christ's Image Training?

Pastor Francis teaches that we can bind and lost and take authority all day long, but if the Lord is trying to work something into our life, then the situation may not change until we change.

He teaches to become like Christ in the test. You can learn more and enroll by going to http://frangipane.org/icit-overview.html. There is a ful training plan and a free lesson plan you can choose from.

This course will change how you look at life forever.

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