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Please pray that God will deliver me and my children from the hands of the wicked.  Pray that God will protect my two sons who have no roof over their heads and no car either.  They have been out in the elements for several days and nights.  They are both in need of health restoration. And both need deliverance from alcohol.  I live in a small HUD apartment and they will not allow my adult children to live with me.  God has promised me that HE would give me everyplace I set the sole of my foot since 2006.  There have been serious injustices done to me and my four children that began in 1994 when I lost my 5 bedroom home and my children and I have been separated every since.  I was living in some government apts from 1998 until 2005 when again I lost my home due to serious injustices.  And it happened three more times after that.  I cannot take anymore.  I've been bleeding for almost three weeks, I'm all swelled up and the fever finally went away yesterday but I had a fever for almost 2 weeks straight. I need a miracle for my back.  I live with excrutiating back pain daily since I fell in the jacuzzi in Dec. 2013.  The doctor already gave me two rounds of very powerful anti biotics.  This mess all began because of my neighbors who were practicing witchcraft against me in 1994, again in 2005 some neighbors were doing witchcraft and at each place it happened the neighbors were doing witchcraft.  Please pray for deliverance, God's protection and restoration for my children and I. I want more of the presence of God in my life.  P.S. I was first connected to your ministry right after I got born again in 1990 when me and my little children lived on County Line Road in Ridgeland, MS.  I was born again in 1988. Thank you!
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