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The university’s faculty accepted my daughter for studies after successfully passed the auditions in fine arts. The enrolment centre is refusing her registration claiming that her score points are low. We have already purchased the necessities as advised by the faculty and she’s due to orientation on Monday. In a similar matter a son of my prayer partner The contact person at the enrolment centre said my daughter scored less than the required score points, therefore she did not qualify. There’s a similar matter where a son of my prayer partner had the faculty of science overriding the enrolment centre and he is due to start next week. She been trying unsuccessfully to get into a university for the past 2 years and if this fails it will be her 3rd year staying at home very devastated. She’s breaking down. My daughter will present herself this coming Monday for orientation, I am requesting a prayer for favour with the university that Monday be characterised by her registration and that the decision of the faculty prevail over the enrolment centre.


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Dealing with grown children and their struggles is difficult. I have prayed for you, that this will be resolved. 
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