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Dear brothers and sisters hi. I had prayer ministry on Friday and they didn’t think it was me blaspheming, they where convinced it wasn’t me.

I’m not fully convinced some of it isn’t me.  I know I have been through hell and have some anger at God. I am talking to God about all I’ve been through about the pressure I’ve been under and it’s bringing release.

The blaspheming seems to be getting worse as I’m not listening to the lies a lot of it is lies and it’s brought wonderful freedom to have revelation that most of it is lies.

I stayed at friends house last night and blaspheming was coming out of my body and my eyes as I watched God Television. I could hardly watch it. I’m not sure that wasn’t me. I didn’t want to think bad thoughts and my body to react the way it did, but it was so strong I could hardy control my body.

As I’m writing this the Lord is showing me what I need to do.

And also as I’m writing this I’m listening to Derek Prince preaching on deliverance and just now he said anything that keeps you from the presence of God is a demon.

Please keep praying for me as I work through this. I’m getting lots of help, which I should have done more of in the past, I cant to do this alone.

And please pray for my daughter to be delivered from anger, she’s so angry at me and God. I think my family may be angry at God for all I’ve been through.

Thank you!  Your sister in Jesus, Sharon

This is all my righteousness, nothing but the blood of Jesus.
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