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Our son and daughter-in-law are believers.  But they have joined an extreme form of preppers who believe the economy is going to fail in America, so they are moving to Mexico. At last word, he was leaving a good job to go live off the land. Aside from our sorrow at them moving to the other end of Mexico where we likely will never go due to our limited finances and also our concern for their wellbeing  /safety, we do not believe this is the Lord's will. They haven't been in a church in years and have gotten very good at listening to their own hearts, it seems. To add to the stress, their teen daughter wants us to intervene. She does not want to go.  But we have no authority since she is underage.  They won't listen and intend to make her. Thank you for any prayers that you pray. It seems they get more dug into their plans with each passing day. Thank you.
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