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Lord. I know your scripture says, that with much wisdom, comes much sorrow (Ecc 1:18).  I know that the more I learn both from your word and from the changes taking place in this world we live in, I am often times filled with sorrow. 

Father the strong delusion that many people are under; in regards to the meaning of marriage, human life, and pursuits of happiness is an ugly deception to witness.  It can make me think all is lost including the fight to promote the Kingdom.  I really do feel like all is lost sometimes. I feel like that probably based on periods in my own life where there was no rescue made for me by men.  Those moments tend to transcend over into the way I view You and your ability.  I know those are incorrect feelings. I know you are not a mere man. But based on my humanness that kicks in pretty often, I believe You understand why I could feel the way I feel. 

Lord I need you to do a work in my life that counters my erroneous feelings. In spite of all that's going on in the world right now, I need to see Your plans and Your Kingdom outweighing all that is against You.  I really need You to continue building my dreams of You, and to help me place my hope in the things to come...the days when I/we will be with You.

I feel sometimes like the battle to maintain a moral standard here is all gone. I need to see that my job here is not to change the whole world, but to call those that are in the world to come out.  The campaigns and the agendas created by men, make our mission risky now.  Even our own government has thrown us under the bus.  We need You to pour Your Spirit out on us so we can prophesy and witness the dreams and the visions You give us, to the masses.

In comparison to the suffering coming down the pike, where I am determined not to compromise when confronted by the enemy's representatives (and I just know we believers will be confronted)--that we look for Your Spirit to kick in, telling us exactly what to say and giving us the boldness to confess You.  Lord remind us that the joy before us really makes all we will endure, very, very light. 

Let us see You in that day, standing by the right-hand of the Father. I just want us all to be able to look up and see You, and by doing so, even though the pain is real, we won't be in the least bit concerned with it. 

Father do in us supernatural works that are necessary for this day and time.  In the name of Jesus I ask this.  Amen!

David E. Boxton
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