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Please pray for our family situation. There’s a pending child custody situation. My husband’s ex-wife (Jezebel spirit) has been alienating their 14yo daughter from my husband for well over 12 years. Recently, we found a note entry on her iPad. She didn’t like the fact that we said no to her being on the computer so she wished she could cast a spell/hex on us! There were other numerous vile note entries with her arrogant and entitled attitude. Her biological mother promotes witchcraft and Harry Potter paraphernalia. I knew in my spirit something wasn’t right every time she came over for visitation. Her presence made me feel oppressive and I was having perverse dreams. Then I started locking our bedroom door at night. My spirit was agitated. Please pray against this demonic influence from over at her mother’s house and for a hedge of protection. She use to be a sweet loving girl that I helped raise for the last 6 years. Clearly something has changed in the other household. It all makes sense now with the continual spiritual attack we’ve come under in the last few months! Please pray for us, the lawyers and the judge. We need to remove her from that household, remove her from the abuse and get her psychological help. The mother isolates her and her brother, took them out of a good Christian school. No contact with teachers or friends. The head of the school said he was worried about them and confirmed our suspicions. He said the mother tried to control the teachers, administration and was divisive with other parents (gossiping). When the offered to meet and discuss solutions that’s when she pulled the kids out of the school. God bless and Thank you
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