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I ask the Saints to please pray for me and my wife. We have hit a ruff period at this point in our marriage. She doesnt want to continue with me. I love her and I need her. We had communication problems and things got out of hand. We need God to intervene. It hurts me hard because when you trust people and you tell them things you are dealing with and it comes back against you it hurts. SHe took off her wedding rings. PLEASE PRAY FOR US!!! PLEASE PRAY FOR US!!!! PRAY PRAY PRAY LIKE IT WAS YOUR MARRIAGE. I love and need my wife....This woman has been the greatest and it all my fault!!! God HELPPPPPPPPPP please LORD!!!!!!!!!
Gerald A. Woods Sr.

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I command the wedding rings to go back on in Jesus' name! I command Gerald's wife's emotions to align with the Word of God! I speak healing into the wounds of her heart. Marriage, be knit back together in the sight of God!

Gerald, repent from your heart to the Lord. Could you request a heart-to-heart talk with your wife? Tell her your feelings and ask her forgiveness. Tell her that you have asked God to forgive you.

Marriage partners, be reconciled in the name of Jesus! Husband, love your wife with the same love Christ showed the church. Give honor unto your wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life. Husband, love your wife even as yourself.   

Donna G. Kelley

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I stand I agreement with you, Gerald (and with the prayer by Donna).  God's Will is for all marriages to not just survive but to THRIVE.  I pray that God intervenes and restores your marriage and that it will hence forth THRIVE!!  Be bold and faithful Gerald in your thoughts and words!  Bless you.
Shelley Lovell
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