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Me and my wife have encountered a lot of things. Our business is booming. But I long for God in a way that I need him desperately. I need our relationship renewed...I need a renewing in the Spirit..I feel like I can't get to him .. I need him above all things. .I'm asking God to forgive me. I have been holding unforgiveness for a lot of thinGs that happen to me and my wife and kids. I know now it was the plan of God for our Life. I FOREVER EVER ONE THAT HAS EVER HURT ME... NOW GOD I NEED YOU TO FOREVER ME AND HEAL ME EMOTIONALLY AND SPIRITUALLY!!!!! I NEED A BREAKTHROUGH FATHER IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!! Please pray go for me....Please pray for me!! I need my relationship renewed with the Lord!!!! I need God desperately in my soul. .forgive me Lord. I FORGIVE ALL THOSE THAT HURT ME !!!!
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