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Please pray for Kenny, he is fighting the battle against cancer that he was just diagnosed for. Thank you and may the Lord our God bless you all in Jesus name.


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We will be praying for Kenny.

You might encourage him to spend some time at https://thetruthaboutcancer.com. There are lots of free videos on that site about how eating a real food diet can give your immune system the strength to fight against cancer.

GMO grains, toxins, pesticides and other non-food stuff has made it's way into our food system. Most American's eat food-like products with minimal nutrients instead of REAL food that God has grown that is loaded with nutrients.

Lack of nutrients starves our bodies of what is necessary to fight against illnesses. Food-like products that come in boxes and bags are basically filler, but contain additives that are slowly poisoning us.

If it grows on a plant, then eat it. If it is manufactured in a plant, then don't eat it.

What we eat is the first line of defense our bodies need to be able to heal. Attacking cancer on all sides - spirit, soul and body seems like the best way to fight it.

We must work together with the Lord, in healing our bodies by eating real food.
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