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On May 17, 2015 Brian has not been home-he stroked. Healing for Brian. He is quadriplegic , a stroke victim affecting both right/left side of brain, caused by heroin & other drug use. Brian is in nursing home , we were offered Home Choice Home Care, trailer to live in, STNA's, therapists, etc.. We lost that waiver due to Brian's violent behavior toward me (he hits me). Brian can leave the nursing home, Doctor refuses to discharge due to No Health Aides. If Brian discharges himself, he will get stuck with ALL the Medical Bills. We have Nowhere to really live, I have no one to help me with him, but there is NO reason for him to remain in nursing home, & his health seems to be deteriorating the longer he remains there. Brian & I both want Brian home! Brian & mine hearts desire is to move to Florida, we live in Ohio. Idk how to do this transfor.Help.
I pray for God's forgiveness on Brian & me, and for Divine Healing that The Holy Father
Would have Mercy on Brian and restore his brain cells, his speech, his left arm & his left leg. That God would heal Brian that he would be able to stand, so that he can walk. I pray for freedom from ALL Drugs, Alcholic, All Tobacco products, what the Lord sets Free, Is Set Free! Hallelujah I pray that pray would stop his hatred toward me and never be violent with me or hit me again, May the Protection of the Blood of Christ Be Upon Me, Thank You, Sweet Jesus! Hallelujah . I pray God open the doors wide and show me & Brian how to get his Doctor to discharge him with Godspeed, to show Brian & me the way, to get us to Florida, & established in our new home. To provide for us. To provide for us financial. To provide home care ,therapist for Brian. To heal Brian, to restore him completely, to free him from drugs, tobacco, & for Brian to respect me his Mothet, never to hit/violent toward me again, and for me to respect my son as a man. And a wonderful man he is,!he has just made some bad choices. He believes in God, but he uses the Bible against me like Satan tried to tempt God on the Mound, I pray that , that too shall stop, it's being a demon. I pray the demon in him be cast into the abyssand my son be set free from demonic possession and I pray for my soul also if any demonic possession has hold of me, I pray the Blood of Jesus set Brian, me, & my granddaughter Kirah free from All demonic possession . Hallelujah Lord praise the Lord thank you Jesus hallelujah .
I put All this mess and anything else we don't even know about , All our troubles, Brian's Health, Release from Nursing Home, Freedom from drugs/tobacco/violence toward mother, nowhere to live, moving to Florida, financial issues , unforeseen problems into the Hands of Jesus. I ask that God's Will Be Done. Lord I'm scared. Please help us quickly. Give me wisdom/guidance, show me your way, not Satan's or my way, protect us, please dear God, make sure I see only Your Way Dear Heavenly Father. Please hold our hands through this Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen
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