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My Testimony
I've had a diagnosis of schizophrenia for 28 years. It's been very hard impossible really. The only way I've made it is because of Jesus. I can understand how people commit suicide with schizophrenia. My healing has been gradual. I have found my freedom only through Jesus. I've been getting help bit by bit through reading books and council from different people over the years and guidance from the Lord. He showed me that I needed to talk about the trauma in my past and I have been talking about it to the Lord and out loud to myself for around 3 years. before that I started working on forgiveness in 2013. I was trying to forgive before that but I didn't really know how to, I did buy a book which helped a lot but in 2013 I was writing about things to forgive people, God and myself for Maybe 1, 2, or 3 hours per day and I didn't stop. I was praying about 3 years ago and the Lord told me to start talking about the trauma I'd been through and it was amazing I would see myself getting better after talking to the Lord and talking to myself, after one session I would see a big difference. And the Lord has taught me strategies on how to forgive through Internet and a book and first hand from God. He has taught me that we are all equally made in His image and just because I didn't do what others have done that doesn't mean I was made any more morally superior or any more made in God's image or made any better than those who hurt me, and it could easily have been me who did the things others did. The Lord showed me a video on YouTube by evangelist Billy Graham I think it's called forgiveness and he tells that Manassey in the Bible he thinks was worse than Hitler and how he repented and God forgave him and restored him as King of Israel. That's helped me to forgive people and not to judge anyone because we are all capable of the most horrific crimes under the right conditions if we grow cold. I'm still on medication for schizophrenia but I won't be to much longer. I'm a different person than what I was when I was putting in my prayer requests here about 4 years ago. Just the other day I forgot something I had on my mind and I said Jesus Christ has set me free and I remembered straight away and I have just started telling demons to get lost again. I had some ministry of deliverance about a year ago and I stayed a bit better but a lot of them came back and I was afraid to keep telling them to go because I had more trouble praying after the deliverance than I had before it, but wouldn't listen to the council of the ministry even after I had kept telling the demons that where interfering with my praying to get lost a lot of times and wasn't getting any worse than when I first got worse but I don't understand fully why I got worse and thought there was something wrong. I will be listening to the Lord and standing on His word. I will add to this testimony as I think of more to tell you if I can add to this letter. I hope I have encouraged some of you. Your sister in Christ, Sharon Andersen xo
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