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I know the devil is attacking everyone now, I'll pray for them also. I for some reason, am attacked more than most, I'm not sure why. But I pray the evil attacking me is bound in Jesus name and rebuked to flee away from me and stay gone, whatever spells or occult are being invoked on me are broken, whatever overlapping willed spiritual energy information programs from evil are disappated and broken, along with those tulpas or servitors, that any unclean spirits or evil spirits or spirits of division or evil of any sort are bound in Jesus name and rebuked to flee away from me and stay gone, that evil's strongholds and dominions are broken and they flee and are not rebuilt, any spirit of infirmity or spirit trying to negate what the Lord has given is rebuked to release from me and commanded to flee and not return or reattach in Jesus name, that whatever God has given to me that the devil has stolen from me God returns, that I am healed by God's refuah shlema and restored to my right mind and spirit and heart, that His Agape love Holy light, and Holy Spirit fill fill me, the lamp of my eye is filled with His Holy light, His Holy Fire is upon me, Jesus blood covers me as a Passover blood as well as cleanses me from all unrighteousness and sin, the covering of His protection extends over me, and a wall of His Holy Fire surround me as a shield. That He please do the same for my family in Jesus. In Jesus name, Amen.

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Praying for healing/deliverence,no weapon formed against you shall prosper!

I pray you will read the word for at least 30 minutes/day and declare scriptures outloud,break through to next level,may God close the door to the enemy,binding all assignments of enemy/and negative word curses in Jesus name,i plead blood of Jesus over u and the enemy.

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