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I wrote this request then felt ok, like I will be ok, but now I feel like I'm falling apart and I don't feel ok! I I think I’m blaspheming the Holy Spirit, I seem to not be able to control it. It may be a demon ?

I don’t know.  I think I need to change my medication, it’s making me anxious and it may even be my medication.  I feel like I'm losing my mind also and am confused. The blaspheming is just happening. It just happend as I was writing just before, I was blaspheming with my hand and I’ve been having horrible blaspheming thoughts and yesterday it was like the horrible blaspheming thoughts where almost coming out of me, like a demon was manifesting. I may be angry at God also although of coarse I have no reason to be angry with God.
I think I am angry at God. and Just now I was feeling really like I'm in danger of the unforgiveable sin.

This is all my righteousness, nothing but the blood of Jesus.
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