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I completed ICIT several months ago and was always relieved when I'd get my test results back and passed. But I also always had a confession to make: if only ICIT staff could see how miserably I was failing in practical application, I'd never get my certificates of completion!

Seriously, it seemed that once I began the coursework, I was presented with many opportunities to be Christ-like in challenging situations, and I frequently failed.

Now I'm in probably the biggest test I've ever had to face regarding Christlikeness. 

My family is small and very important to me. I love them dearly and would do anything I could to help them. A few months ago my mother was awarded a death benefit on my father in a very large some of money. Up until then, I had been her POA, and my Dad's when he was alive. I thought everything was going along great until I received a notice from the courthouse that my sister was challenging me in court to get conservatorship of my mother.

My younger sister joined with her. When I asked why, my younger sister said because they needed the money and I didn't.

It's been a miserable seven months for me, now. My older sister has written me numerous nasty emails and I've learned that my younger sister is feeding her lies. Sometimes I just can't believe this is happening to me....and I have to keep going back to 1 Peter 4:12 to understand. It's especially heartbreaking to me that my younger sister is involved because I've supplemented her family's income  for so many years. It's a hard betrayal to accept.

Court is scheduled for May 31. I think of all kinds of things I could retaliate with. I stay angry with them much of the time, but I know that's not what Jesus wants from me.

I also know that I'm not going to emerge from this a stronger person until I can let go of the anger and hurt and overcome that with love.

Please pray for me that the love of God, that has been spread abroad in my heart will rise up in me so that I can be Christlike - that no matter what they say, or how many lies they tell, or how badly they defame and ridicule and falsely accuse me, that I will respond in love, mercy and compassion.

That is not where I'm at right now. [frown]

And...please pray that every tongue that rises against me in judgement, I will show to be in the wrong. That Jesus will exonerate me in front of them.

When I read some of your posts and I see the very serious issues you all are facing, I'm almost ashamed to bring this problem to the forum. However, when I was five years old I was called into the ministry. I'm now 62. That's how long Jesus has been working on me. I want to be able to respond to the Call, but until I can overcome taking offense, being thin-skinned and loving only the lovable, I know I'll never be able to serve Him and make the difference He's called me to make.

Thank you for your prayers. And I'll pray for you, too.

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I am praying for you [smile] 

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I thank God that He has brought you to a place of awareness of areas in your life you already want to change. I pray that He gives you patience and perseverance and also remembrance that He is the one who does all the work through you. I pray as you surrender this difficult and heartbreaking situation to Him that He guides you to a solution that will show your sisters the incredible love of God.
God bless you, remember whose you are, a child of the Living God!

Paulette Richardson

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These situations in life are where the REAL training happens. The ICIT course is simply a pre-test for these REAL tests in life, where the Lord trains us, day in and day out, through life's circumstances.

I am confident that the Lord is working behind the scenes in not only your life, but in the lives of your mother and siblings. He has a plan and as you walk through this, keep your focus on the big picture of what God is doing.

There is a message I just watched by Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church called The Frame Game, where he speaks of how we need to back up from a situation and see the big picture. He uses great examples with their video cameras how zooming in our out can change the 'frame' of what is in focus.

My husband and I watch Pastor Steven Furtick because he teaches from the word, very much like Pastor Francis does - meat instead of milk.

Another encouraging message he gave recently is called The Seed is On Schedule. This messages is also very encouraging as he speaks from the perspective of the seed, being put in the ground to die.

This season for you, is a season where you are the seed and you are in the ground, feeling like there is no way out of this. But GOD... He has a plan and His plan will be more far-reaching than you ever thought possible.

I feel that both of these messages will encourage you. I can't encourage you enough to watch or listen to them. You can watch them online or with the Elevation Church app you can download the audio messages to a smartphone. I download the messages and listen on my way to work, then watch them online with my husband. His messages have expanded my walk with the Lord, must like messages from Pastor Francis have.

Be encouraged... though this training we are all end, will not end, as long we are on this side of heaven... He does have a plan and as we give up and as Pastor Francis used to say, "Come out with your hands up! He's got your house surrounded!" and we remind Him of our weaknesses, then He will move ahead of us and become our strength.

So as you back your frame up to bring a larger picture in your view, when you zoom in, let it be to focus on the Lord.

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