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Dear Intercessors, Please pray for Connie, she has serious arthritis rheumatoid at hands. Medical remedy doesn't have any effect. She need to be healed in the body and encouraged by the Lord in the spirit because has many troubles in her family. I thank you very much for your prayers. Love in Jesus Pastor Aldo

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I will pray for Connie's healing, praying that God will give her strength and wisdom to hear all He is showing scientists about arthritis.

There are a lot of new discoveries regarding auto-immune issues such as arthritis, that it is caused by inflammation. Many have removed certain foods from their diet and their 'diseases' go away. Medication only suppresses symptoms, they will never heal the root cause.

It is like having a handful of tacks in your shoe and the doctor giving a prescription for pain pills to deal with the pain. The solution to the problem would be to take all of the tacks out of the shoe.

Connie might consider removing all grains and dairy from her diet. This means lifestyle change - reading every single label and completely changing her diet. Just eating these offending foods occasionally would be the same as taking all except a few 'tacks out of her shoe'. In order to recover it takes removing all offending foods.

The Whole 30 diet does the same thing - it helps you change your diet for 30 days and see if you feel better. Lots of information online about auto-immune diet. Palio Auto-Immune diet will also help.

Thousands and thousands of people have recovered by just changing their lifestyle and diet. Fruits, not-starch vegetables, unprocessed meat, nuts and seeds as well as fermented foods.

Ditch the sugar as well, as sugar is very inflammatory.

My sister has had rheumatoid arthritis since she was 7 years old, after being on an antibiotic for a bad infection. Doctors kept her on penicillin for 9 years straight, which wrecked her immune system and she ended up with rheumatoid arthritis. I have recently begin talking to my sister to encourage her to change her her diet as well.

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