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A Prayer Request for a MIRACLE:
God Save Eric McDonald
Eric McDonald needs a miracle of deliverance, supernatural healing, and salvation.
Eric have been hurt and he has suffered as a child.He was alone;he never smiled…
You could almost feel his pain!!!
I tried to befriend him but every time I tried to talk to him; he became like a deer caught in the headlights…
He needs to be set free from fear and anger!!!
Pray for Eric McDonald’s salvation.He needs Jesus.He needs to know the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ
God’s love can heal and renew his life….
I moved and he moved.I do not know where he is right now!!!
God know Eric;he knows what is best for Eric.
God can send Godly Christian friends.Friends that will bless and help him.Friends that will teach Eric’s Bible

Pray for Eric’s miracle-stand on faith for Eric’s healing and well-being….
The Holy Spirit can help him learn life…

Pray fot God’s best for Eric….

Thank You,
Alfred Brown
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