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Hi eternal family. God has healed me when I found it so hard to pray. He has powerfully
saved my life - I was told I had Pancreatitus, I was in servere pain. After taking myself out of hospital I was told to not eat any fatty foods, I was at home and the attacks of pain came back, the Holy Spirit revealed to a demon sitting around the bottom of my rib cage, I wasnt praying in tongues at the time because I thought I had the real and false tongues, I was led by the Holy Spirit to pray in tongues against the
demon sitting on me, then I threw up a bit and new just new I was healed, and I went and ate some toast with lots of butter, the pain came back a few weeks later and I prayed in tongues against it again but it didnt work and I was led to do warfare differently and thanked God the devil wasnt allowed to do those to me or thanked Him for something else and it left again. That was about 5 years ago, and I eat normally now and have done sinse I was free.

Thats just one of the many times God has healed me

 About 5 weeks ago I was gatting pain in my legs, lots of pain, it had been happening
for quite a while, but got worse. I was lying in bed and just thought I would pray in tongues against it, so I prayed over my legs in tongues and all the pain left strait away. Then it come back a tiny bit and I called out to Jesus and it left instantly, it came back atiny bit a few times and Jesus took it away, I dont get pain anymore, I was attacked a few times lately but just ignored it mostly and my legs are fine.

About 12 months ago or more, I didnt ask this guy to pray for this but he was led to
he prayed God would heal my mind and alittle while after I was looking in the mirror
and noticed thatboth my pupils where the same size in my eyes, before and sinse I was
a teen or child I had one pupile bigger than the other, so I know God has healed my mind. A couple of times the pupil was larger again in my left eye but I didnt recieve it and it returned to the same size as the other quickly when I thank God I'm healed
and dont recieve it.

Today I prayed over my legs because I wasborne with one leg shoter than the other.
I did get healed from this once when I was just born again but I beleive I lost my healing when I backslid because I was beleiveing lies that my legs where different length when one of those peoplewho massage you and put bones back in place Chiropractor thats what he's called, one of those people told me my legs where different lenths so I beleived him and I think I lost my healing.
But today after praying in tongues to be healed again I felt as if they came the same size. Because I was getting pain around my knee, and I thought it was because of my legs being different length, after praying the pain left and I felt like I was walking different, better, straiter. I beleive I'm healed and will stand on it (-:

Last night at Church someone gave a word about the hurnier I was diagnosed with and
when I went out to recive my healing the Holy Spirit was all over me, I didnt take the medication I've been on for years today because I'm standing on my healing.
I hope these testimonies have blessed you, I love you all, Sharon xoxoxoxo

This is all my righteousness, nothing but the blood of Jesus.
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