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I want to thank God for being my rest. My strength doesn't come from what I can accomplish, it comes from drawing closer into his presence and enjoying his strength. God's strength initiates gifts and blessings in our lives. I thank him for showing me that no part of his power comes from me. I am an earthen vessel created for his good purpose. I may hold his Holy Spirit, but every good thing is done through God himself working in me. Because no part of the power has come from me, all the glory must go to God. It is freeing to know that when we know who is working in us we no longer have to strive to work in any way towards God's plan since we don't know what his blueprints are anyway. We just have to listen and be obedient. He's running the show. It's a bit like buying something where it says, "No assembly required". It's such a relief to know that he doesn't need us to organise his plan for us. It means to me that i can now enjoy what he's given. I'm free of fear.

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