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Dear staff,
Please keep our family on a prayer chain for at least a month? Our Marraige has been under attack and our family has been targeted spiritually.
My husband's name is Luis, the girls are Juliana, and Allyssa.
Thank you so much,
Bonnie Rodriguez
Please pray I have genuine humility before the Holy Spirit. And that I obey him. Things that would seem to work in the natural, aren't working.

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Hi Bonnie 

Trust you are well:-)

Faith is the substance for all the things we hope for. We will pray for you.
You also need to tell God what you want in this marriage, pray to Him be specific, he is our Father, the provider. He listens, He is forever faithful. There are certain battles in life that you cannot fight with your own power however we need the holy spirit to fight for us. Give everything to God, He will fight for you.

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