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Hello, I have never posted on here before but the Lord brought it to mind that I had an email about this message board for prayer requests as I was praying this morning. 

I have been married for 30 yrs and we have 6 children. My husband has asked for a divorce. I do not feel I need to go into details. 
But I am fighting in the Spirit for the restoration of Him to Christ, for God's promises to come to pass, for my continued brokenness and need to become like Christ through all the crosses God allows, for His Kingdom to come forth and to reign in and through us, for the way of Christ to be manifested to my children and that God would be glorified as our marriage becomes a testimony to the gospel of Christ. 

I see and am walking a path in this that looks foolish. I am not a victim. I believe in God's Sovereignty. I have seen my need for repentance and for this breaking. I need grace! I need to abide! I need God for every breathe! I want to believe deeply for the impossible. I want to see a mighty victory not just for my marriage or my family but that God's will be done. That love prevails over all the power of evil. That hope and faith are made evident. 

I need discernment to fight, to be like Christ, to love, to rest, to wait, to believe and that this looks like. To be made Holy. 

Thank you for praying as the Spirit of God leads anyone here. 


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Father in the mighty name of Jesus.please provide restoration this week.. Heal the family.. Restore the husband.

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Yes, Father restore. Thank you!
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