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Me and my family love the lord. Me and my family been a target of witchcraft for years and I know who is doing it I have dreams about this person doing this to me and my family. I pray and fast. I’m not going to lie I went to someone to return the curse and I have repented for that, please please pray for me and my family and our pets. Thank you so much.

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Dear Friend,

Your strongest defense is to forgive this person and to become like Christ in this test.

You might consider enrolling in the In Christ''s Image Training course that begins July 6. You can enroll at http://www.icitc.org by going to the Level I Registration. It is a 6-month online course that will change how you look at life forever. I believe implementing this training into your life will have a huge impact this struggle you are encountering.

Don't wait to enroll as registration closes June 28. If you are unable to afford the full training plan, we also offer a Free Lesson Plan.


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