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Hello there,
I need prayer. I love the Lord with all my heart! My life wouldn't make sense without Him. I have had people prophesy over my life that I'm a prophet. One of those people was a lady that studied at the Bethel School of the Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) in Redding California. She imparted much in my life for a season and I began reading books and watching sermons, teachings and conferences etc. Then the Lord began using me in an incredible way! Signs wonders and miracles became a thing of the norm, but more importantly He began speaking to me. Apostles, prophets and many leaders in our city have realized this call upon my life, but my number one concern is spiritual parenting. I don't have anyone to parent me. To walk with me a journey. People don't like me that much around here, and those that do are content with me ministering to them than building community with me. My current church is an assemblies of God church and their look on five-fold ministry is interesting! I've had so much persecution from the church leadership in fact their last attack was to suspend me from ministry for 12 months. I feel so rejected and alone. Please pray for me to meet parents who love me and are willing to pastor a prophet. Please pray that I become part of a community of believers who love and accept me just as I am. Also the spirit of lust has been after me almost all my life. And I'm finding it difficult to break away from ponography and the likes. I need help, I need divine help.
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