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Dear intercessors,

Please pray for Ashley Darryl Nattan for deliverance of alcohol and I suspect drugs as well. The devil has been attacking my family and sometimes I wish God could take me away from this horrible world.

Thank you God bless...

Nafeesa Basha

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Hello. God is so great and you must know that to understand asking for prayer is important. We go through so much and never really understand why people say oh it's a test or He only gives you what you can handle but....it is true. God knew you before you were born. He made you perfect and knew what things would happen to you. He put in you strength to endure, patience to wait, and love to assist. Without any test we cannot fight when needed. God gives us these things to over come right before He blesses us. He cannot give you $100,000 if you can't manage $100. So your test and trials make you. You become the witness and testimony for others. You become His rock star...please be strong because He already knows the desires of your heart. He just waiting on you to continue to stand on His promises and love for you through and through. Your family is healed and delivered. God's grace is great.... In Christ...
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