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While the world is turning totally upside down on concerning issues of Godliness, I believe, in our united stand, we can preserve the path.  Although the road is narrowing, and the gate is slightly ajar, the way is still available as promised.  

If we believers can't see the value in connecting (a provision many believers have been and are being denied), then we must concede that the scripture is true: "few will find it (Matthew 7:13-14). Why? We may not see the value in some of the opportunities. I am guilty. Our virtual assembly is a good thing to witness too.

Lord please make us appealing to those You've called.  Lord while I don't believe our goal is to make this present world perfect, I do believe we should look like the closest thing to perfect the world will ever see....not perfect, but being perfected.  The results of placing our hope and trust in this present world has caused us major sorrow. Let us see the opportunity then to share your goodness with brokenhearted and the downtrodden, so that You can come to them as You have come to us. Let us pray together with Your will in mind. Amen!

David E. Boxton

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Amen! [cool]
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