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ICIT started for me in 2008.  Today I listen to ICIT MP3 files. Just as I did when taking the course. A life time of learning. Its an exciting journey. Travel daily with the Lord. Our will and our doing they cannot seperate. My decision to forgive. Its already made. In that event right where offence occurs. I hear, "Pray for them. God have mercy one more time".

I don't try to reason or process what happen. I interceed on their behalf. I become legal access for God. To heal that persons heart. Everyday oppurtunities arise to interceed. God allows me to experience hearts healing. Radical life changes happen. When we decide to believe God and interceed. The more we touch Gods heart. The more God touches our heart.

Interceed God is able to manuever me. A strategic move of Gods hand. In my unsaved family lives. To discover ICIT in their own pressing issues. And enter into salvation. To talk from our hearts. It opens hearts unto God. I don't have to know How. I just have to know God works it out. We learn spiritual things through our experience.

We practise and we develop a skill. We are forever learning coming to the knowledge of truth. That's what keeps our love alive. Like Abraham we see another attribute of God. Attend listen for God. I receive from God. I have ears to hear God. He will teach and instruct in the way to go. Guide you with His eye. God will sustain you.

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