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Prayer for Stage 4 kidney Failure Demask1015 Prayer Requests 352 0
by Demask1015
Wanting hope, peace, and a cleansed heart desiringGod Prayer Requests 318 0
by desiringGod
Completing a degree program njn Prayer Requests 321 0
by njn
Spiritual Restoration Demask1015 Prayer Requests 321 0
by Demask1015
Prayer for daughter and work situation GraceML Prayer Requests 335 0
by GraceML
Healing from addiction stewdo Prayer Requests 348 0
by stewdo
Sexual chaos in marriage, sad heart SaraJane456 Prayer Requests 476 2
by SaraJane456
Need for a major inflow of finances lprimo Prayer Requests 604 2
by goodda
Relationship with The LORD GeraldW8899 Prayer Requests 397 0
by GeraldW8899
Healing prayers for a man dying of cancer Groovy224 Prayer Requests 391 0
by Groovy224
Finances Evans Prayer Requests 438 0
by Evans
Daughter Charity (other supervisors) in possible danger
1 2 3 4 5 6
Gayle Prayer Requests 4,403 260
by Gayle
Prayer for Son & family Gayle Prayer Requests 515 0
by Gayle
Prayers fro Workplace jackie12590 Prayer Requests 432 0
by jackie12590
Deliverance, Healing & Restoration Demask1015 Prayer Requests 451 0
by Demask1015
prayer for healing amar Prayer Requests 459 0
by amar
Family trcruz Prayer Requests 551 2
by trcruz
Please Pray for us GeraldWoods8899 Prayer Requests 464 0
by GeraldWoods8899
Prayer request grandchildren dmsentilles Prayer Requests 488 1
by trcruz
Prayer for my son Evercharm Prayer Requests 582 3
by lrll
Attend to God lrll Comments 594 0
by lrll
Terrible shocking pain, then Jesus shazzmy Testimonies 705 0
by shazzmy
Prayer for Level 1 and Finances mervinsmart Prayer Requests 506 0
by mervinsmart
Healing for Pancreatic cancer carjean2007 Prayer Requests 505 0
by carjean2007
Prayer for our daugther mcknz Prayer Requests 483 0
by mcknz
Friend's Sexual Abuse Deliverance Prayer Request carrieernst Prayer Requests 675 6
by dboxton
Philippines Abigail777 Prayer Requests 526 1
by dboxton
Prayer for Fear dboxton Comments 491 0
by dboxton
Healing and wisdom needed SUZAN Prayer Requests 459 0
Rebecca Marpai Prayer Requests 452 0
by Marpai
prayer for niece Teresabritton Prayer Requests 484 2
by Abigail777
PRayer request voice Prayer Requests 562 2
by Abigail777
Christian Threads dboxton Comments 568 1
by Abigail777
18yr old son addicted/crying for help littlelisa Prayer Requests 492 2
by littlelisa
Prayer Needs--our church; area
1 2
Gayle Prayer Requests 1,552 99
by Gayle
Employment Prayer Request carrieernst Prayer Requests 466 3
by dokell
Godly Husband Wanted Prayer Request carrieernst Prayer Requests 475 3
by dokell
marriage N___ Prayer Requests 913 27
by dokell
Strife between parents & adult children CBassett Prayer Requests 596 1
by dokell
Deliverance prayer request Swilson Prayer Requests 505 1
by dokell
prayer request/employment-favor Shelley Prayer Requests 487 4
by Shelley
Praise God for His Faithfulness! Shelley Testimonies 646 0
by Shelley
Pray for daughter MAO Prayer Requests 478 1
by dokell
Pray for my Marriage PLease!!! Gwoods1 Prayer Requests 444 2
by Shelley
pray for USA and Syria Shelley Comments 519 0
by Shelley
WOW! The power of the Blood shazzmy Testimonies 600 0
by shazzmy
God is very willing to heal us shazzmy Testimonies 769 0
by shazzmy
The Joy of Digging into the Word SJS Testimonies 605 1
by JoAnn
WOW! I've been doing things we take for granted, things I was told to do by my spiritual parents that I didn't do, the Lord has given me shazzmy Testimonies 628 0
by shazzmy
God is my Rest BrendanYoung2 Testimonies 580 0
by BrendanYoung2

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